Our client, a global engineering MNC wanted to develop a go-to-market strategy to penetrate the water filtration market in India. An abundance of latent demand and a lack of organized players in the water filtration market encouraged them to evaluate the current and future opportunities. The client, primarily a B2B player, lacked expertise in the B2C space and hence needed to develop a water-tight go-to-market strategy to win in this market.


The client specifically needed to –

1. Understand the current potable water scenario in India

2. Assess the opportunity for their water filtration solution

3. Understand business models and their feasibility

4. Understand performance, technical feasibility and profitability of key water filtration technologies

5. Establish the go-to-market strategies and technology focus of major competitor


ValueNotes leveraged its industry experience and expertise in researching unorganized markets to derive actionable insights


The water filtration market for our client’s solution is fragmented with several small and regional players operating in different parts of the country. ValueNotes leveraged its expertise in sizing fragmented and unorganized markets using intensive primary research, to estimate the market opportunity.


We used our extensive industry network to reach out to key stakeholders like scientists, NGOs,and municipal and government officials to assess the attractiveness of the opportunity and to understand the effectiveness and feasibility of various technologies. Further,we conducted in-depth interviews with R&D heads, marketing heads and top management of key competitors to gain insights into their go-to-market strategies and technology footprint.


An incisive analysis of customer segments, business models, filtration technologies and competition enabled us to chalk out a robust go-to-market strategy for the client.


Clear roadmap for our client’s solution in the water filtration market in India


The ValueNotes team provided actionable insights and recommendations to the client on ways to tap the unmet demand in this $300 million market.

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