Client needed to have in-depth discussions with CXOs of large companies to gain market knowledge


A UK-based management consulting firm needed to have in-depth discussions with CXOs and directors of large companies (with revenues greater than $400mn) to evaluate the market scope for consulting services in India. Sourcing these senior interviews with heads of functions such as finance, HR, Information/IT and marketing, was their biggest challenge, as they did not have on-the-ground presence in India.


Thus, the firm required help from someone who had a strong business network in India. Along with these challenges, the firm had to complete the project within a period of one month. Another barrier was the time difference, since the interviewers were based out of UK. The available time window was reduced to 5 hours a day.


ValueNotes leveraged its association with various Fortune 500 companies in India


ValueNotes being a respected brand in the research industry and having a long standing relationship with top level executives and decision-makers within organizations across various functions facilitated in this study. We sourced and set up interviews a short time in spite the study falling during the Indian festival of Diwali when most people were on leave. Constant follow-up and co-ordination between the interviewee and interviewer was required all through the project. ValueNotes also conducted some of the interviews.


The client had conversations with over 75 senior people within a month


The management consulting firm was successful in conducting 75+in-depth interviews with senior executives. The client was very happy with the quality of time spent with the interviewees. The bond ValueNotes has developed with the Fortune 500 companies helped them in their discussions. They were able to achieve their objective and meet their deadline in a stress free manner. The entire process of sourcing the actual interviews was streamlined in such a way that the client was aware of the schedule at any point of time and the interviews were conducted smoothly.


“We have been so impressed by the way you’ve handled what must be complicated situations over the last few days – and always in such a calm way. You’ve been incredibly professional and helpful.”

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