Client needed to design promotional campaigns in multiple geographies


Our client, an advertising firm, wanted to align the advertising campaign of a leading manufacturer of ingredients of automotive lubricants to the advertising done by their key customers (lubricant manufacturers), and their competitors.


In order to achieve this, they wanted to thoroughly understand and map the promotional activities of the lubricant manufacturers in terms of their themes, target audiences, key phrases, social media presence, etc., in China, Brazil, Turkey, Japan, Canada and the US. This was challenging as a large chunk of the promotional activity was undertaken in local languages.


Intensive desk research in multiple local languages


ValueNotes undertook a comprehensive scan of all the promotional activities of the target companies in English as well as local languages using our pool of language experts. This included intensive mining of the competitors’ websites, government websites, google searches, YouTube videos, social media sites, online industry magazines, etc.


ValueNotes delivered country level data on the size of the population, number of automobiles of different types on the road, production of automobiles and promotional activities of key lubricant manufacturers. For each company, we tracked competitor marketing spends, key brands, their promotional themes, and their presence on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, LinkedIn, etc.


Based on the material found, ValueNotes analysed the key target audiences, campaign themes and marketing phrases, and quantified the benefits of the communication in various media (print, video, social and in-store).


Insightful analysis facilitated a superior campaign design


ValueNotes’ analysis of media communication enabled the client to design an effective media campaign by aligning it with that of the client’s customers and their competitors.


Our analysis enabled the client to understand the extent and quantum of promotion done for each brand and its positioning across different countries. Accordingly, our client was able to design appropriate promotional campaigns and positioning for their products in each of the geographies.

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