• 10 trends for 2021 - and not all about technology or Covid! The start of a year invariably leads to a flurry of articles and prognosis about key trends for the future. Many of these are extrapolations from the recent past. Here are the 10 trends for 2021, and not all are about technology or Covid-19...... Read More
  • Will China continue to be the world’s factory? The US-China trade war, rising tariffs, Covid-19 and uncertainty has fuelled a growing movement in several countries to try and reduce their economic dependence on China. While it is proving extremely difficult to replace the “China factory”, the immediate task is to identify alternate options.... Read More
  • Insights into actions and strategies to fight the Covid-19 crisis A survey of senior executives at companies around the world found that more than half have reduced their marketing spend in the last quarter. Given that demand has dried up in most sectors, this appears logical. However, the most important priority for CXOs is to understand changing customer needs.... Read More
  • Winners (and losers) in the time of Covid-19 Most industries had a challenging time in the first quarter of 2020. An analysis of the sectors that were most and least affected by the Covid-19 pandemic in Q1 2020.... Read More
  • Random thoughts on Life in the post-Covid19 world It is now clear that we’re seeing the worst health and economic crisis, ever. The world has fundamentally changed. Here are some key changes that we can expect. Thinking about how to face the future with positivity is far more productive than obsessing with daily Corona statistics and media bombing.... Read More
  • Leveraging Data: Mindset comes before technology Businesses are scrambling to board the train of big data and analytics. Before worrying about data collection and technology, ideally, organizations must drill down from business objectives to define their key intelligence topics (KITs) and key intelligence questions (KIQs). And then finally come to technology!... Read More
  • Future of work – II The future of work (or a significant part of it) will be informal, gig-like - and driven by services. Manufacturing jobs will be created, but not enough to make a significant dent – given the extent of automation and threats from 3D printing. How do we prepare for this?... Read More
  • Win Loss is not CRM analysis Very few (if any) organizations will admit they don’t conduct win-loss analysis. After all, this is now deemed integral to every sales process. Since every CRM has a field for “Reasons for loss”, it is easy enough to analyze. Any analysis is only as good as the data that is available. Yet, majority of organizations…... Read More
  • Urban Infrastructure – Opportunity or Disaster? Big opportunities are often linked to big challenges. Figuring out how to bring investment to urban infrastructure will not only provide a huge boost to GDP and prospects for a large number of businesses, but also substantially improve the quality of life for billions.... Read More
  • Global Residential Renovation: A huge untracked opportunity? Could the renovation market be the next big focus area for the construction industry? Much of the world’s building stock is in need of renovation. For the first time since 2014, EU's renovation sector will see stronger growth than new construction by 2020.... Read More
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