22 Aug ValueNotesConnect – August 2012

Welcome to the August issue of ValueNotes Connect. With the economic slowdown affecting businesses globally, this edition of ValueNotes Connect features different takes on what that means to us, as individuals, our businesses and our economy. In his latest blog, Arun Jethmalani... Read More.

24 Jul ValueNotesConnect – July 2012

Welcome to the July issue of ValueNotes Connect. In 2011, about 80% of the world’s population lived in areas with threats to water security. Sameer Murdeshwar's recent article suggests smarter water management technologies and advanced analytics driven water management solutions will... Read More.

27 Jun ValueNotesConnect – June 2012

Welcome to this month's issue of ValueNotes Connect. A recent report, by Mithi Software Technologies and co-authored by ValueNotes, reveals that 44% of organisations have chosen to expand their collaborative mobile access! This trend sets the pace for the growth of... Read More.

23 May ValueNotesConnect – May 2012

Welcome to the May issue of ValueNotes Connect. In May, our attempt to spread awareness about Competitive Intelligence (CI) in the business community, we continued with our third webinar, 'Best Practices for Successful CI Partnerships'. In her latest ,blog Varsha Chitale... Read More.

27 Apr ValueNotesConnect – April 2012

Welcome to the April issue of ValueNotes Connect. Our Competitive Intelligence (CI) practice has been extremely active these last few months with 'Social media for Competitive Intelligence' being the latest in our series of successful webinars. Our analyst, Deepti Krishnan, illustrates how... Read More.

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