28 May Valuenotes Connect – May 2015

Welcome to the May issue of ValueNotes Connect. Companies often ponder over whether they should offshore (or outsource) their business research requirements. What drives their decision? Is it cost arbitrage, the flexibility & efficiency of an offshore team, the availability of... Read More.

25 Mar Valuenotes Connect – March 2015

Welcome to the March issue of ValueNotes Connect. Competitive intelligence has become a critical function across organisations, particularly in today’s survival-of-the-fittest environment. We all agree on the value that CI offers, but it ceases to be of any worth if it... Read More.

19 Feb Valuenotes Connect – February 2015

Welcome to the February's issue of ValueNotes Connect. The global e-commerce market has grown exponentially in the last few years, driven largely by the Internet, smart phones, online payments, and businesses offering their products and services online. Things are no different... Read More.

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