13 Nov Competitive Intelligence Bytes – November 2012

Competitive Intelligence Bytes…to accelerate your business objectivesNovember 2012Lest you topple…Decision-making without competitive intelligence may lead businesses to losing their pole position. Corporate history globally, and in India, is rife with examples of companies that have lost their market positions. Some... Read More.

14 Apr Competitive Intelligence Bytes – April 2012

Competitive Intelligence Bytes …to accelerate your business objectives April 2012 Tracking disposable income for CI Disposable income is a key growth driver for several industries in India such as consumer durables, automobiles, tourism, education, real estate, telecom, entertainment, BFSI and so on. Overall growth... Read More.

14 Mar Competitive Intelligence Bytes – March 2012

Competitive Intelligence Bytes…to accelerate your business objectivesMarch 2012Don’t let “bad data” obscure your CI goalsGood insights don’t need 100% data availability and accuracy. Unnecessary pre-occupation with data reliability could well obscure the ultimate objective. Whether good or bad, data can... Read More.

14 Feb Competitive Intelligence Bytes – February 2012

Competitive Intelligence Bytes…to accelerate your business objectivesFebruary 2012Talking to Strangers – for competitive intelligenceFor gaining competitive advantage, you need to have better insights than your competitors. While secondary information is equally available to all, eliciting primary information requires skills. Most... Read More.

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