With current revenues around half a billion dollars and presence of more than 100 vendors, the Indian publishing offshoring industry is quite mature. The continuous influx of entrants in the emerging publishing niches as well as in the traditional areas of STM has led to increased pricing pressures in the market, with publishers aiming to make the most from the ‘oversupply’. 

Offshoring has been driven by the ubiquitous ‘cost advantage’ offered in a lower cost location. In a scenario of increasing competition, dollar depreciation and maturity in existing markets, publishing BPOs are facing escalating margin pressures.  This research note assesses the strategic imperatives for service providers in light of these challenges.

The report is designed to help:

  • Publishing BPOs to assess future imperatives
  • Outsourcing consultants
  • Researchers and others looking for detailed insights

The above report is based on secondary data as well as interviews with key people at various outsourcing companies and industry experts.
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Table Of Contents

1.1 The Cost Control Imperative
1.1.1 Typical Cost Structure
1.1.2 Cost Arbitrage and Offshoreability
1.1.3 Declining Arbitrage
1.1.4 Cost Control Potential
1.2 Productivity Improvement
1.2.1 Productivity Comparison
1.2.2 Factors Affecting Productivity
1.3 Adding Verticals, Services and Geographies
1.4 Summary
1.4.1 Enhancing Productivity – The Impact
1.4.2 The Transition to Wave 3
Research Methodology
Data collection
Data analysis
About ValueNotes
Research Publications
Recent Custom Projects

Table Of Exhibits

Exhibit 1: Typical Cost breakdown of a Publishing BPO Operation
Exhibit 2: Average Billing Rates of Services Outsourced
Exhibit 3: Salary Cost Comparison
Exhibit 4: Scenario: Eroding Arbitrage
Exhibit 5: Emerging Imperatives – Cost Control
Exhibit 6: Cost Savings for the Publisher
Exhibit 7: Productivity Gap: US and India
Exhibit 8: Automation Adoption Amongst Indian Vendors
Exhibit 9: Emerging Imperatives – Productivity Gain
Exhibit 10: The M&A Rationale of the US and India-based BPOs
Exhibit 11: Emerging Imperatives
Exhibit 12:  Impact of Wage and Productivity Improvement on Margins
Exhibit 13: The Move to Wave 3

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