Project Examples

  • Competitive intelligence for a multinational packaging solutions company

    Our client wanted to verify competitor plans to develop a product similar to theirs. In-depth field-work with industry experts, regulatory bodies, clients, and vendors across the value chain provided on-the-ground information on competitor product development plans. This has helped our client assess risk and fine-tune their own strategies.

  • Competitor Profiles of global packaging company operations in Asia

    An international packaging company wanted to tweak their market expansion strategy for Asia. We profiled the Asian operations of >15 leading competitors. Focus areas included geographic presence, nature of operations in each Asian country, ownership structure, revenue & profit analysis by product segment, and strategies for each country.

  • Partner Identification: Rigid Plastic Manufacturers

    Identified rigid plastic packaging manufacturers and determined their suitability for contract manufacturing dual chamber bottles as specified by the client. Also determined the companies' manufacturing scalability, existing clients and pricing.

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