Consumer Durables

Consumer Durables


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  • ValueNotes helps global printer company increase market share in India Market intelligence for developing a strategy to boost market share   A leading global printer company wanted to revisit their market strategy in India. The company was losing market share in the country and was not able to address the problem in the absence of actionable market analysis. The company wanted to understand the dynamics of the micro printer market in India in order to: – Determine the causes of fall in its ... Read more...
  • Mobile phones: Unaddressed customer issues Assessing customer needs and competitor product issues quickly and cost-effectively   A mobile handset manufacturer wanted to manufacture a product that would allow easy device transitioning. Before getting into intensive R&D for the product, they wanted to gain a quick understanding of the most common data transfer issues that the customers of competing mobile handset models were facing and talking about.   ValueNotes harnessed web 2.0 mediums to get a quick pulse of the ... Read more...

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