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  • Research support helps information provider deliver high quality service An international intelligence firm was challenged by the diverse service needs of its customers   An international information and intelligence provider needed to track competitor and customer news, financial intelligence, and people movement for various industries. More than 20 sectors including construction, machine tools, mining, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, power, ship building, etc.; and hundreds of companies from across the globe needed to be monitored on a daily basis.   The key challenges that the ... Read more...
  • Acquisition target for a PE investor in the knowledge process outsourcing (KPO) sector In search of a sunrise segment in the KPO sector   The IT and BPO services industry grew dramatically in the nineties, to emerge as one of the bright spots in the Indian economy. As the traditional segments matured post 2000, newer markets evolved – in legal services, market research, analytics, engineering services, etc.   These services, broadly clubbed under knowledge process outsourcing (KPO), were driving the shift from commoditized to high-value services. The ... Read more...

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Your team is very easy to work with, and why that is is because you’re very responsive. Typically when we make an enquiry, we hear back within a day or half day given our time difference. Your team asks very good questions to verify the objectives, the data requirements. And they clearly understand the research process very well. And as I mentioned, our experience in working with your team has been very positive – An international research firm

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