• Intuition and competitive intelligence
    In the real world, it is impossible to have perfect information on the competitive environment, although that is what everyone would ideally like to have. In ...
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  • CI: Whose job is it?
    Ask any one in a company whether they care about what is happening in their industry – I would bet that most of them will ...
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  • 20 Questions
    Ever played “20 questions”?* You win if you ask smart (the right) questions. Successful CI is a little like playing 20 questions. ... continue reading.
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  • CI: Working without precision
    Picking out and piecing together relevant bits of information on the business environment from the noisy information overload around, is what CI practitioners must ...
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  • CI preparedness
    Most organisations approach competitive intelligence in a fire-fighting mode. They watch their market share go down one quarter, and hope it just a one-off thing. ...
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  • Actionable analysis in an imperfect environment: A guide to CI in India
    Practitioners of competitive intelligence (CI) in most developed markets are accustomed to applying analytical and statistical tools to in-depth information which are available in standard ...
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