23885;Market study on LED lamps with a focus on the retrofit segment;Building & Construction Products,Case Study,Power & Electrical Equipment,;;
22984;Competitive analysis of e-commerce business models of players in the FMCG sector;Case Study,Channel Intelligence,FMCG,Online Media & eCommerce,;;
22948;Opportunity assessment for electrical cable protection products - conduit systems, ducts, tubing, electrical box - in the building & infrastructure sectors;Building & Construction Products,Case Study,Power & Electrical Equipment,;;
22938;Market re-entry strategy for a multinational firm manufacturing industrial mixers;Case Study,Heavy Engineering & Capital Goods,;;
22929;Survey of end-users and dealers to understand the purchasing criteria of ABS & airbags in Tier I and Tier II cities in India;Automotive,Case Study,Channel Intelligence,;;
22916;Market mapping of non-commercial drinks for a global food ingredients company;Case Study,FMCG,;;
22874;Market opportunity identification for the skim coat (wall putty) market in India;Building & Construction Products,Case Study,;;
21827;Market expansion strategy for an Indian manufacturer of rainwear;Case Study,FMCG,;;
21648;Opportunity in China’s home beauty & home healthcare devices market;Case Study,Healthcare,;market sizing & segmentation,opportunity assessment,;
21611;C-Sat programme helps client discover several unmet needs & reduce customer acquisition costs;Case Study,Information Technology,;;
19255;Acquisition target for a PE investor in the knowledge process outsourcing (KPO) sector;Case Study,Consulting & Professional Services,ITES/BPO,Private Equity & Venture Capital,;investment appraisal,opportunity assessment,partner selection,;
19143;Hospitals: Research helps identify high growth niche segments;Case Study,Channel Intelligence,Competitor Intelligence,Customer Intelligence,Healthcare,Market Intelligence,;market sizing & segmentation,opportunity assessment,;
18791;Technology forecasting - global trends in the metal cutting & metal forming industries;Case Study,Heavy Engineering & Capital Goods,Information Technology,Market Intelligence,;technology tracking,;
17625;Win-loss analysis helps increase sales conversions by 30%;Case Study,Customer Intelligence,Information Technology,Technology,;Net Promoter Score,voice of customer,win loss analysis,;
14834;Brand positioning for a global chemical manufacturer;Case Study,Chemicals & Paints,Competitor Intelligence,;desk research,social media analysis,;
14845;Global air-conditioner manufacturer taps billion dollar Indian market;Case Study,Channel Intelligence,Competitor Intelligence,Consumer Durables,Power & Electrical Equipment,;brand perception,market sizing & segmentation,;
14792;Research support helps information provider deliver high quality service;Case Study,Competitor Intelligence,Consulting & Professional Services,Flexible Engagement Models,Research Support,;desk research,market monitoring,news monitoring,;
14791;Wealth manager makes productivity gains and cost savings from outsourcing research support;Banking & Financial Services,Case Study,Flexible Engagement Models,Research Support,;fte analyst support,;
13743;Competitive benchmarking helps FMCG firm streamline its go-to-market strategy;Case Study,Channel Intelligence,Competitor Intelligence,FMCG,;competitive intelligence,competitor benchmarking,;
14832;ValueNotes helps a Spanish roof tiles manufacturer explore opportunities in India;Building & Construction Products,Case Study,Channel Intelligence,Market Intelligence,;opportunity assessment,partner selection,value chain analysis,;
14847;Global engineering MNC taps $300 million market for their water filtration solution;Case Study,Competitor Intelligence,Consumer Durables,Heavy Engineering & Capital Goods,Market Intelligence,;market sizing & segmentation,opportunity assessment,;
13740;User perception study helps auto-component manufacturer re-design its product strategy;Automotive,Case Study,Customer Intelligence,Market Intelligence,;customer perception,primary research,;
14860;Regular market intelligence helps engineering MNC stay ahead of its peers;Case Study,Competitor Intelligence,Flexible Engagement Models,Heavy Engineering & Capital Goods,Market Intelligence,;competition tracking & monitoring,desk research,early warning signals,market monitoring,news monitoring,opportunity assessment,;
14844;ValueNotes enables global components manufacturer to increase sales by 25%;Case Study,Channel Intelligence,Heavy Engineering & Capital Goods,Power & Electrical Equipment,;partner selection,primary research,value chain analysis,;
14846;Voice of Customer (VoC) unlocks high-value revenue stream for engineering major;Case Study,Customer Intelligence,Heavy Engineering & Capital Goods,;primary research,voice of customer,;
14848;Voice of Customer (VoC) enables Fortune 100 company tap $80 million opportunity;Case Study,Customer Intelligence,Healthcare,Industrial Electronics & Automation,;customer needs assessment,voice of customer,;
16046;ValueNotes devises a Financial Index that establishes HDFC Life as a thought leader;Banking & Financial Services,Case Study,Customer Intelligence,;content writing,customer needs assessment,primary research,;
14850;ValueNotes helps USD 15 billion global technology leader fine-tune their CI framework for India;Case Study,Competitor Intelligence,Information Technology,ITES/BPO,Technology,;research training,;
14843;ValueNotes helps a leading international farm equipment manufacturer enhance market penetration;Agriculture & Agro Inputs,Case Study,Channel Intelligence,Competitor Intelligence,Heavy Engineering & Capital Goods,;competitive intelligence,competitor benchmarking,opportunity assessment,;
14849;ValueNotes helps a leading global IT services firm improve their online visibility;Case Study,Competitor Intelligence,Information Technology,ITES/BPO,Online Media & eCommerce,;competition tracking & monitoring,social media analysis,;
14830;ValueNotes helps an international payment solution provider tap a USD 350bn opportunity;Case Study,Information Technology,Market Intelligence,Online Media & eCommerce,Technology,;competitive intelligence,market sizing & segmentation,opportunity assessment,;
14835;ValueNotes CI helps a leading MNC evaluate a USD 20 million risk to its market share in India;Case Study,Competitor Intelligence,;;
14851;ValueNotes CI helps global IT giant win against its key competitor in India;Case Study,Competitor Intelligence,Information Technology,;competitor sales and distribution analysis,;
14837;Enables consulting firm to conduct 75+ interviews with CXOs of USD 500 mn firms in less than a month;Case Study,Consulting & Professional Services,Flexible Engagement Models,Research Support,Services & Capabilities,;;
14842;Benchmarking & feasibility study for setting up a veterinary hospital;Case Study,Customer Intelligence,Healthcare,Market Intelligence,;financial analysis,location analysis,;
13727;Market and Country Intelligence: Optimal Location for a Car Manufacturing Facility;Automotive,Case Study,Market Intelligence,;location analysis,;
14836;ValueNotes provides early warning by independently confirming market rumours;Case Study,Chemicals & Paints,Competitor Intelligence,;early warning signals,;
14829;ValueNotes helps German metering solutions provider enter the Indian utilities market;Case Study,Market Intelligence,Power & Electrical Equipment,;opportunity assessment,;
13724;ValueNotes helps an international asset manager save US$50m;Banking & Financial Services,Case Study,Market Intelligence,;due diligence,;
14841;ValueNotes helps a specialized consumer health solutions provider undertake competitor analysis;Case Study,Competitor Intelligence,Flexible Engagement Models,Healthcare,Research Support,Services & Capabilities,;competition tracking & monitoring,competitor profiling,desk research,early warning signals,;
13720;ValueNotes saves a motorcycle major from being duped out of millions;Automotive,Case Study,Market Intelligence,;due diligence,partner selection,;
14833;Market Intelligence: Ground level inputs for a location study;Building & Construction Products,Case Study,Market Intelligence,;location analysis,;
14838;Identified unaddressed customer needs of mobile phone users through social media;Case Study,Consumer Durables,Customer Intelligence,Online Media & eCommerce,;social media analysis,;
14831;Valuation of an emerging IT firm for a PE fund;Banking & Financial Services,Case Study,Information Technology,Market Intelligence,;financial analysis,investment appraisal,;
14839;ValueNotes helps global printer company increase market share in India;Case Study,Channel Intelligence,Consumer Durables,Customer Intelligence,Industrial Electronics & Automation,Market Intelligence,;customer needs assessment,;
79;Case Studies;Case Study,;;