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Customer Intelligence
Do you really know what your customers want?
  • Are you sure you are going after the right market with the right product?
  • Do you worry about whether customer feedback is honest?
  • Wouldn’t you like to find the perfect market niches for your offerings?
In a world with ever-increasing choices and competition, companies that have their finger on the pulse of their customers are able gain significant competitive advantage. ValueNotes has helped innumerable companies understand customer needs better by way of highly customized offerings.

These include identification of the most attractive customer segments; understanding the real need behind the stated need of their customers; independent voice of customer surveys; as well as design of effective customer communication. Our actionable intelligence can help you devise specific and effective strategies to grow and keep your customer base.
  • India is a unique market, and requires deep understanding of the cultural and social issues that drive customer behavior
  • Our custom research services can be designed to suit your unique needs for customer intelligence
  • Our capabilities in senior-level B2B primary research can help you understand what customers really want, or think about you
A few examples where our customer intelligence research has helped meet different business needs:
Need analysis of exhibitors & visitors at technology exhibitions in Asia Pacific : Reported on the current need gaps in exhibitions by interviewing marketing heads of more than 100 technology companies in Asia Pacific and generated lists of potential exhibitors and visitors, with interviews in Chinese, Japanese and Korean.
Customer need assessment for industrial security systems : A global manufacturer of industrial security systems, wanted to understand the unmet needs of their target clients – to feed into the design of a new product. ValueNotes conducted in-depth interviews with decision-makers and end-users to understand market dynamics, current product usage and unmet needs.
Brand perception study for an asset management company : Evaluated the brand’s image in the minds of investors and potential synergies from partnering with a leading multinational asset management company. The study involved more than a hundred interviews with investors, brokers, distributors and advisors, and helped the client fine tune their branding and positioning strategy.
Voice of customer study to determine desired features of a new product : A German automotive and engineering firm - faced with increasing competition and dissatisfied customers - was restructuring their product strategy. Our analysis of customer perceptions/needs helped the client formulate their product differentiation strategy and design a new product.
Customer perception and needs assessment study : A manufacturer of marking & coding equipment wanted to expand in India. The objective of the research was to establish the customer perception of the competing industrial printer manufacturers. We analyzed buyer preferences of buyers in segments such as food & beverage, pharmaceuticals, auto ancillaries, etc.