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Can you monitor the fast moving competition?
  • Would you like timely, reliable and unbiased inputs on your competitors?
  • Do you worry about not keeping up with fast changing consumer preferences?
  • Do you lack the resources to monitor your markets and find new opportunities?
FMCG companies operate in a highly competitive and fast-changing environment. In order to stay ahead, they need to regularly renew their product portfolio to suit the ever changing needs and preferences of their customers. ValueNotes has executed in-depth research in many segments of the FMCG industry and can help you keep your finger on the pulse of your existing consumers; identify new markets for your products; track the activities of your competitors; and monitor industry trends.
  • Our competitor intelligence tracks and analyzes your competitors' activities to help you gain and retain a competitive advantage
  • Our market monitoring services help you keep abreast with market trends and consumer behaviour
  • Our primary research services help you gain deep insights into the psyche of your stakeholders including customers, channel partners and suppliers
View the ValueNotes Market Intelligence Dashboard on the packaged bottled water industry
A few examples of ValueNotes' research that have helped our customers in the FMCG sector:
Market opportunity assessment of processed foods : Research objective: To determine market size, and estimate future growth in four processed food segments – snack foods, soups, sauces, and ready-to-eat / ready-to-serve foods – in India. The report included an analysis of growth trends and drivers, cultural issues, exports, industry capacities, and shift from traditional foods.
Market landscape of probiotic & prebiotic supplements segments in Japan : The study mapped key players in probiotic and prebiotic supplements in Japan. The research study analyzed product details and positioning (health claims), strain/ingredient suppliers, key competing brands, distribution channels, and linkages to academic research.
Competitor intelligence on a niche non-dairy market for a global food major : Enabled client to make effective pricing and distribution changes to product lines, after investigating how competitors were able to price products more competitively, without compromising quality. Our research unearthed alternate supply streams for sourcing raw material and machinery, which the client had hitherto been unaware of.
Competitive benchmarking of the Asian beer market : An Asian brewer looking to expand in select Asian markets wanted detailed benchmarks of competing beer manufacturers in these countries. Company profiles included brands data, location of breweries, manufacturing capacities, sales & distribution channels, market shares, and key future growth strategies.
Market opportunity analysis of the whey industry : An analysis of the whey industry in India for a consulting firm, which included an evaluation of the market potential for demineralised and sweet whey powder. The study involved analyzing the industry structure, supply chain, government regulations and price trends. Based on in-depth interviews with industry experts, ValueNotes recommended potential partners and entry options.