Engineering products and services form the core of the economy, but face headwinds and threats from a number of sources, including:

  • Rapid advances in technology and automation
  • Uncertain investment climate, amidst global over-capacity
  • A flood of imports from countries like China
  • Long gestation projects and uncertain cash flows

Our research solutions help manufacturers of engineering goods become more competitive and responsive to threats and opportunities. Our expertise across the value chain has helped answer numerous strategic and tactical questions for our engineering customers, including:

  • When can I expect infrastructure investments to drive demand?
  • How do large customers perceive my products or technologies?
  • How does decision-making vary across end-user segments, or types of buyers?
  • Which customer segments should I focus on?
  • Why does my competitor beat me in this market?
  • How do intermediaries and channels influence the customer?

Our engineering practice is divided into the following segments:


Looking for answers to a critical business question?
  • What should we make in India? Make in India – the phrase has as many meanings as people using the phrase. The bigger question is what should we make? And equally important – what should we not make in India? Historically, thanks to socialist ideals and the idea of self sufficiency in everything, we made everything – or everything we could. Relatively closed trade borders and Soviet style thinking meant a higher reliance on “core” industries and ... Read more...
  • Industrial Compressors Industry in India 2014-19 The industrial compressors market in India is currently valued at INR 33bn (FY 2014) and is expected to grow at CAGR of 9% till 2019 to reach INR 50mn. This industry report provides an in-depth analysis of the industrial compressors industry covering current and forecasted market scenario of screw, centrifugal & reciprocating compressors, industry drivers & challenges, competitive landscape, Porter’s 5 forces, and market trends. Read more...


What our clients have to say about us…

Giving equal weightage to all parts of the scope was really good. There were no excuses made for any data gaps. Everything was well balanced and covered properly. The level of commitment to finish the project within time was exceptional. The project planning was very good, as there were no last minute rushes – A leading global player in the un-interruptible power supplies and associated power conditioning products

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