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Better record keeping and data collection – a key step to stave off India’s water crisis

India is among the most water stressed parts of the world. In order to take effective policy actions to stave off the looming water crisis in India, the country first needs to improve its documentation and record keeping…

“The next big wars will be fought over water!” – is an ominous prophecy one increasingly hears.

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Data, data, everywhere… only a drop of insight

These days it appears next to impossible to ignore big data and analytics. Big data is the next big thing, and analytics will provide answers to all our problems. When we’re stumped, big data will tell us what to do! And if big data doesn’t have the answer, then don’t worry – we can look

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Do you measure customer loyalty?

Customer is King – the raison d’être of every business. It is therefore imperative for all businesses to listen to their customers.

Customer loyalty in particular is of immense value to any company. High customer loyalty indicates that your company is doing a key part of its job right. It also means that you have

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Reforms in the power sector – A good sign for the switchgear and control gear market

“The Indian electrical equipment industry has shown some revival in the first half of the current fiscal, after a negative growth of 7.8% in production in 2012-13. Domestic demand, coupled with increase in exports, has managed to keep the industry afloat.”

- Mr. Raj Eswaran, President, IEEMA

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Customer perception: One size does not fit all

Typically, in a Voice of Customer (VoC) study, marketers seek to understand customer perceptions across various parameters; typically pricing, brand, quality, after sales service, and so on. And at the end of the exercise, they want aggregated scores on a numeric scale, often with comparative benchmarks for competitors.

If they get a decent score or

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Mobile technology is revolutionizing competitive intelligence in FMCG sales & distribution

The other day I saw an Airtel ad, where a young man was playing a game on his mobile phone, while his Dad complained about his irresponsible behavior – not paying the electricity bill on time. Within seconds the son pays the bill online and shows it to his Dad (Dad seemed to be amused

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New legislation will help construction materials companies develop better business strategies

One of the biggest challenges for competitive intelligence (CI) analysts in India is the lack of adequate documentation and statistics. Real estate is among the least documented sectors in India. But a new legislation in the pipeline could change this…

Next to agriculture, construction is the second largest employer in India. Real estate constitutes a

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