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Effective communication in outsourced research

Similar to all other spheres of life, ‘Effective Communication’ is imperative for doing efficient and efficacious outsourced research. Yet during my decade-long experience in this field, I have witnessed projects falling apart, man-hours wasted and relations go sour only because the communication mechanism was malfunctioning. It is important to mark these gaps, identify the problems

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Is your offshore research partnership in good hands?

It is people who create effective relationships…or destroy them. And this certainly holds true for research offshoring partnerships. No doubt research offshoring relationships need to have robust institutional and process frameworks at their base. You need a comprehensive contract, service level agreements (SLAs), a defined workflow, processes for feedback and escalation, guidelines for communication, and

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Opportunities in India – Construction and Building Products

As the Indian economy revives from its slump (Fitch Ratings recently forecast India’s GDP growth at 6.5% for FY16 and FY17 – making India one of the few markets to see rising growth), portfolio investors as well as corporate entities (both Indian and foreign) are re-evaluating their investment plans.

Needless to say, growth rates of

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Why do companies offshore business research?

Duh! Isn’t it all about cost? Perhaps… perhaps not. When one talks about off-shoring, the first thought that pops up is cost arbitrage. Indeed, cost arbitrage between developed countries and most offshore destinations is significant. But this is not the only reason, or in some cases it is not even the most important reason for

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7 Business Research Off-shoring Myths

Confused about off-shoring business research? There is so much hype among both, the proponents and opponents of off-shoring that it is hard to distinguish fact from fiction.

Here are a few myths I have encountered in the last more-than-a-decade I have been associated with offshore business research.

1. Off-shoring research is a new phenomenon


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Breaking the distribution barrier in retail?

Distribution networks are vital to manufacturers of consumer goods in a large and diverse country like India. They have served as significant barriers to entry for new entrants.

However, ecommerce seems to be lowering these barriers at least in some product segments. Online retailers and market places like Flipkart offer an opportunity for newcomers to

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Overcoming indecision – using a rating methodology

Recently my friend was looking to move his office. He finally zeroed in on two places and was simply not able to choose between them. Place A was closer to home, but B was larger and had better ambience. But then A was also cheaper and quieter. But B was a longer commute for the

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