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Rising localization by Luxury Car makers

The Indian automotive industry is expected to see substantial growth in the next decade, despite near-term concerns. With a vehicular penetration of only 15 cars per thousand persons, India is one of the most promising auto markets in the world. Rising working middle class population, growing disposable income and poor public transport will continue to

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Indian cars are getting smarter

In the next 5 years, more than 25% of the cars in India will be connected to the internet. As automotive technology evolves, consumers are demanding additional infotainment features and functions along with the basic expectations of safety and efficiency. Currently electronics contributes upwards of 30% of vehicle cost, and 90% of innovations and new

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Is B2B manufacturing already a service?

Service quality determines manufacturing success

Recently, I’ve been reading a lot about “manufacturing as a service” – which is mostly about disruptive cloud-based models we might see in future. Later, while reviewing one of our customer perception studies for a traditional industrial product, I noticed that factors around quality of service were influencing buying decisions

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Forecasting market growth and the recency effect

For businesses of all kinds, yesterday’s success is history. What matters is the future.

As a result, competitive and market intelligence analysts are routinely tasked with forecasting market (or product) growth. Very often, business plans are built on such forecasts. But if you ask the users of these estimates, there is more than a healthy

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Stress – Can it be good for you?

People are very stressed and this has led to many health problems especially chronic physical illnesses, mental disturbances and depression.

Some time back, I read a WHO report that 53% of deaths in India will be due to chronic diseases. So, why are chronic lifestyle diseases such as hypertension and diabetes on the rise? The

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How to invest in your education strategically

A guest blog by Mark Skoskiewicz

Using strategies is the key to success in all walks of life. But, like the term “thinking outside the box,” many people may get the gist of what it probably means to “be strategic,” but don’t really know how to go about actually acting strategically. Furthermore, while many people

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Five reasons why I need a Virtual Research Assistant

Like most other businesses I face peaks and troughs in my work-cycle. In addition there are core and non-core responsibilities. Again like most business managers, I put in considerable effort in balancing my core and non-core work during the ups and downs of work pressure.

So one day I decided to put in a formal

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