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Innovation in medical devices in India – making it happen

There has been a lot of buzz around low cost innovation in healthcare in India. The Harvard Business Review and McKinsey & Co have studied the innovations in the delivery of health services in the country that have made it possible to offer world class services at a fraction of what it costs in developed

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Levelling the field for manufacture of medical devices in India

The fast growing medical devices market in India is ridden with tax & regulatory anomalies and malpractices. These are expected to be addressed soon.

The Association of Indian Medical Device Industry (AIMED) is optimistic that the Drugs and Cosmetics (Amendment) Bill, 2014, which is expected to be introduced (and passed) in the current parliament session,

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6 mantras for choosing the right offshore business research partner

There are a large number of companies offering business research services across offshore destinations like India (which is the most favoured one), Malaysia, Philippines and several others. How can you ensure that you select the right offshore research partner?

Do they have relevant expertise and experience? To start eliminating from the long list of contenders,

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Why premium bottled mineral water is an attractive opportunity in a price sensitive market like India!

Nowadays whenever you go to a decent restaurant, the first thing you notice on your table is a bottle of Himalayan or Qua or some other premium bottle of natural mineral water! If you pick up the bottle and see the price tag – it’s nearly double the cost of a regular packaged

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10 tips for doing business with Indians

We Indians have a lot of quirks. No doubt, people from other cultures have their quirks too, but arguably, we Indians have more of them. Maybe it’s because we’ve had thousands of years of civilization to acquire these idiosyncrasies, or simply because we’re relatively isolated from the rest of the world. Or maybe it’s something

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Effective communication in outsourced research

Similar to all other spheres of life, ‘Effective Communication’ is imperative for doing efficient and efficacious outsourced research. Yet during my decade-long experience in this field, I have witnessed projects falling apart, man-hours wasted and relations go sour only because the communication mechanism was malfunctioning. It is important to mark these gaps, identify the problems

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Is your offshore research partnership in good hands?

It is people who create effective relationships…or destroy them. And this certainly holds true for research offshoring partnerships. No doubt research offshoring relationships need to have robust institutional and process frameworks at their base. You need a comprehensive contract, service level agreements (SLAs), a defined workflow, processes for feedback and escalation, guidelines for communication, and

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